find out the causes and types of dandruff


find out the causes and types of dandruff - A person with impaired dandruff, would experience an itching in the head were outstanding. Disorders of dandruff can be experienced by anyone, do not recognize the social and intellectual status of the sufferer. Both men and women, old and young, vulnerable to attack dandruff. Therefore, keep your scalp to keep them clean and healthy, is an act that should be done by everyone.

In general, fractional tangible dandruff scalp cells arising from incomplete keratinization process. Dandruff size usually amounted to 2-3mm, yellow, scaly and spreads to all parts of the head. Many also call dandruff as dandruff, dandruff, or busik.

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From here there are two types of dandruff may need. First, the Dry Dandruff (Pityriasis Sicca) - Disturbance in the form of dandruff scales are firmly attached to the head. Hair growth through the layer itchy scales. Scratching causes the lining of the splatter.

The second type of dandruff is wet dandruff (Pityriasis Steotoides) - Disturbance in the form of a layer of white scales that stick yellowish strong and absorb the scalp. When peeled, raised itchy red welts. Raking will cause boils yellowish.

Most people assume that because a person dandruff hair rarely wash hair with clean, so easy to stick dirt and settles on the head. A hair becomes dirty and dandruff disorder arises.

Actually there are two main factors that trigger dandruff disorder. Firstly because of the influence Malassez Bacteria, bacteria are clustered in the section dandruff scales, thus causing the skin cell keratinization process is not perfect.

While the cause of the latter is due to irritation Mechanical and Chemical: Sweep and excessive scratching of the scalp, hair oil use improper, including rinsing shampoo less clean, can irritate the scalp and dandruff disorder. The habit of washing hair and tying the hair before drying, also cause dandruff.


For those of you who currently experiencing dandruff, dandruff disorder haste to handle it the right way. Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar, Selenium Sulfide. After that, dry hair with a towel, but do not mengosoknya too hard. Dab dry hair with astringent lotion efficacious kill bacteria. Then comb the hair with a smooth layer.

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In addition, eat food that is full of nutrients and vitamins, so that the nutrient content can flow to all parts of the body including the head, and will make the hair healthy and avoid dandruff. That article to find out the causes and types of dandruff, hopefully this article can provide benefits to you as a hair treatment
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