5 Natural Hair Fertilizers That Can Be Made Alone


5 natural hair fertilizers that can be made alone -  Hair loss becomes a hair problem complained of by women. Severe hair loss that occurs constantly will result in baldness. Excessive hair loss should be well anticipated so that the health and fertility of the hair is maintained. For that, it would be nice if you prevent hair loss early with natural hair fertilizer.

The reason for using hair fertilizer drugs is due to grow new hair after loss. A good hair-fertilizing drug also works to thicken the thinning hair, so that the strength of the hair is well preserved. Hair fertilizer is not only used for women, but men can also wear it for the fertility of hair. The most important thing when you wear hair fertilizer is the ingredients, make sure the hair fertilizer is made from natural ingredients.

Here are 5 hair fertilizers with natural ingredients, including:

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5 Natural Hair Fertilizers That Can Be Made Alone

    Aloe vera

    One of the excellent herbs for hair health is aloe vera. Benefits of aloe vera for hair is to strengthen the roots of hair,  grow hair faster, nourish hair, soften hair and nourish the scalp. How to fertilize hair with aloe vera is cut and split aloe vera, apply to hair evenly, massage your hair for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse hair with water until clean. Do this at least 3 times a week to enrich your hair.



    Spice kitchen this one turned out to have tremendous benefits in fertilizing and growing hair. Comparison of oil in pecan is very nutritious to make hair healthy, strong, fertile, black and not easily fall out. How to fertilize the hair with pecan oil is to prepare 6 pecan seeds, then grow until smooth. Add enough water, burn the hazel to remove the oil. Oil that can be used as a natural hair fertilizer. After that apply to your hair evenly, massage your scalp massage, then rinse your hair using shampoo so that the odor does not stick in your hair.

    Coconut milk

    Who says coconut milk is only used for cooking? It turns out that coconut milk can be processed into the most effective chemical fertilizer. Hair can be more fertile, softer, stronger and shiny because of the properties of this coconut milk. How to fertilize hair with coconut milk is basuhlah coconut milk on the scalp, cover the hair with a warm towel, let stand for approximately 15 minutes. After that rinse hair with water until clean. Do this routinely to naturally nourish your hair.



    Sweet liquid produced from bees has a variety of benefits for health and beauty. Honey plays an important role in the health and fertility of hair, therefore many people who use honey for herbal hair fertilizer drugs. Honey has the ingredients to strengthen the roots of hair, lengthen hair, smooth hair, hair dye and menceag hair so as not to fall out. How to fertilize your hair with honey is to apply honey in your hair, then massage head gently, cover your hair with a towel for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse your hair until clean.


    In addition to candlenut and coconut milk, celery leaves also include spices that can be used as a good hair fertilizer. The content of calcium, iron, sodium, vitamins A and B in celery leaves are able to strengthen and naturally fertilize the hair. How to fertilize the hair with celery leaves is to take 10 pieces of celery leaves that have been washed clean, then mashed until smooth. After that apply on your hair and scalp. Let stand for about an hour, then rinse hair with clean water.

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That's the list of natural hair fertilizers that can be made yourself easily. Hair fertilizer from natural ingredients is also quite frugal, because it does not require expensive to make it. Hopefully this article useful for anyone who has read and practice it.
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