Three Causes Damaged Hair


Three Causes Damaged Hair - Hair is the crown that are valuable to everyone. Damaged hair is often menjadkan pemilknya inferior or insecure. Damaged hair indeed be disastrous for most people.

Handle damaged hair should be in accordance with the type of damage to the hair. There are three main factors or causes of damaged hair, namely:

Three Causes Damaged Hair

1. Mechanics

Mechanical factors cause of hair damage are the most common. Often some people wrong in treating the hair from shampooing, combing hair, to dry hair.

Ketka shampooing hair skin brushing can also result in hair damage. Get to know the character of our hair in order to treat it with a tub.

Use of Hair Dryer continuously can cause hair damage. The tool will suck up the natural oils in the hair. Use of hair dryer should not be too close and when necessary.


2. Environment

Hair damage due to this environment due to the hostile environment of hair. For example our neighborhood high temperature. Hair requires a friendly environment in order to grow well.

3. Chemistry

Chemical hair damage due to factors actually quite rare. But these chemical factors can cause severe hair damage. How to handle should consult a doctor.

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Well, demikan last three factors that cause hair damage. First identify the cause can only be addressed appropriately.
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