Simple Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally


Simple Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally - How to treat damaged hair is quite easy. But there are still many people are confused as to overcome the problem of hair damage suffered. In fact, what is needed is patience to care for healthy hair to get back to normal.

Damaged and dry hair is a sign that the condition of the damage is still in the stage of being. But when it comes to branching, means the hair is in a state of severe damage.

The cause of damaged hair

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Hair damage can be caused by many things, including the wrong treatment and due to external factors. Berkut few things that can make damaged hair:


    Combing the hair while still wet

It turns combing wet hair can cause damage. So dry before combed. We recommend that you dry your hair should also be in a natural way, for example aerated to avoid damaged hair.

    Use of hair dryer

Using a hair dryer heat temperature will trigger damaged hair. Temperature heat on the hair dryer will erode the natural moisture of the hair making it rapuhdan easily broken.

    Alternating shampoo

The origin of the Problem in choosing and using a shampoo also contributed to hair damage. So adapt shampoo formula needed for our hair. Wrong in choosing shampoo products can lead to hair loss, dull, brittle and dry. This also applies to the use of other hair products. Using hair care products that do not match the condition of the hair will make it damaged.

The above are some of the causes of damaged hair, there are many other causes that may happen to you.

How to treat damaged hair naturally


Coconut oil and egg

Use coconut oil and an egg to care for damaged hair. You do this by mixing the two materials are in a cup, then stir until blended. Apply on the hair evenly and then rinse. This will make the hair clean and free of drought. Mix both ingredients can nourish your hair so make it more healthy.


This fruit has many nutrients that are very good for the body. Turns avocado can also take care of your hair that has been damaged. How to treat damaged hair naturally with avocado can be a solution. Way, take the flesh of an avocado and puree until smooth like paste. Spread evenly on the hair and scalp and diankan approximately 20 minutes. This can be done three times a week for best results.

Avoid salon tools too often

Advised not to go to the salon too often. This is because the use of tools such as curling salon, a hair dryer and chemicals present hair care ingredients actually lead to damaged hair. Perform maintenance at home with natural materials would be more friendly to the hair.

Do not tie the hair during sleep

Hair tied up when sleep will make it easy to fall off. Hair becomes more difficult to breathe and tortured. Remove tie your hair when going to bed.

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Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally you can try. Care about your hair because hair is a crown of precious !, Thanks for your visit
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