How to Overcome a result Rebonding Damaged Hair


How to Overcome a result Rebonding Damaged Hair - Rebonding can be an easy way to have beautiful hair, straight and beautiful. But unfortunately the use of chemicals used to straighten hair have unpleasant side effects for the hair. Rebonding is done continuously turns will only damage the hair's natural health. Like an unpleasant sight, hair that looks shiny, straight and very beautiful suddenly changed into dry hair branching, loss and and looked broken.


If it is so, then we just live to regret it. Not uncommon for people who have straightens hair length just want back in. Cause hair damage due to rebonding can not be restored in a short time. How to care for damaged hair rebonding requires a long time. It would also require patience and extra attention that hair is damaged by rebonding can return to normal.

But do not worry, we'll give you tips on caring for damaged hair rebonding. This method is quite easy and simple and can be done at home.


    Avoid using hair dryer

Although the tool is used to dry the hair, but the fact the use of these tools cause side effects. A hair dryer can damage the hair and scalp tissue. Surely this would be bad for the hair, even for normal hair that does not direbonding though. Use of hair dryers emit hot enough temperature, excessive heat will make the hair damaged and brittle. But if you are forced to use, set the temperature as low as possible to make it more secure. If your hair has been damaged by rebonding, it is better to dry in a natural way, for example by airing in the shade.

    Use a wide-toothed comb

Combing the hair with a tooth comb will increase more severe hair damage. Even for normal hair rebonding not even that. Hair will be prone to fractures and broken by the use of tooth comb. So, use a wide-toothed comb for your hair, especially if it gets damaged due to rebonding. Sisrlah hair slowly and the right pattern for meminimalisar occurrence of damaged hair.

    Use aloe vera gel

Benefits of aloe vera for the hair so much. Starting from caring for dry hair, hair damage up to address the problem makes the hair more shiny. Thus, the use of aloe vera can be a way of taking care of hair damaged by rebonding effective. How to use is by taking aloe vera gel. Then use on the hair and scalp. Allow to nutrients found in aloe vera absorbs into the hair and scalp. Then, rinse shampoos until completely clean.


    Cut your hair once in three months

Shaving hair every three months is strongly recommended, especially if the hair is damaged due to rebonding. Hair cut regularly aims to discard ends of damaged hair and split ends.

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Having a beautiful and healthy hair is something that I longed for each person. I hope to take care of hair damaged by rebonding as has been described above can be beneficial.
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