Here's how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing


Here's how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing - Having straight hair is desired many women. Especially for Asian women, because it has a face that is so small that fits with the model of straight hair. To have real hair straight, use smoothing to straighten hair can last a long time without having to be repeated continuously.

But for those who have begelombang hair, smoothing the process must be repeated. Otherwise, new hair growth will seem strange because it is different from the hair that has undergone a process of smoothing. However Smothing conducted continuously also may have an impact on hair damage.

There are two smoothing process, the smoothing process smoothing whole and in part. Smoothing the entire head made from hair root to tip, have been selected for their first time doing alignment with smoothing. While smoothing mostly done by those who have previously been straightening but feel new hair growth looks irregular.

Many have suffered damage as a result of smoothing the hair too often. Such damage is generally making hair dull and dry. Therefore special care is needed for the ram, but which has suffered the damage.

Here is how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing:


Use a comb with rounded edges and toothed

So that hair damage that occurs is not getting worse, use a comb with teeth rare and rounded ends when combing the hair. Comb with rounded edges and smooth gear will rarely touch the scalp, so it does not cause blisters and break the dry hair.

Keep the frequency of shampooing

The frequency of shampooing right could also be a way to treat hair damaged by smoothing. Wash at least twice a week to maintain the cleanliness of the hair and scalp and prevents dandruff. Shampooing regularly will also retain moisture and prevent hair dry and damaged.

Choose the right conditioner and shampoo

Use the right shampoo and conditioner to treat hair damaged by smoothing. You can choose a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair to keep moisture from your hair.


Use of hair vitamins

You have already damaged hair for smoothing irregular process. Provide the necessary nutrients the hair is very important to repair hair damage. How to treat hair damaged by smoothing can be done by providing vitamins when your new hair shampoo. Hair vitamins can repair damaged hair and keep it healthy.

Keeping the hair moisture

It is quite difficult to keep the moisture in the hair that has been damaged by smoothing. But you can use anti-frizz spray or anti-frizz oil on your hair before the activity. You can also use natural ingredients such as olive oil or honey to nourish the hair.

How to treat hair damaged by smoothing as above is quite easy to do. So take care of your hair as possible to repair the damage and prevent damage to happen again.
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