Here Causes Severe Hair Loss


Here Causes Severe Hair Loss - Hair loss on the scalp is normal if the impeachment reaches 50-100 strands of hair. While the cause of severe hair loss due to abnormal scalp which is one of the characteristics of some congenital deformities. Usually those who are experiencing hair loss problems is a new look for help when experiencing hair loss on the scalp, although elsewhere also experience hair loss. The approach is usually done to diagnose beforehand how hair loss on the scalp acquired by seeing whether a change occurred evenly or limited, and checks the state of the scalp.
Here Causes Severe Hair Loss
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Below are some of the causes of severe hair loss are:


Hair loss is widespread with normal scalp:

    telogen efluvoum
    Diseases of the thyroid gland
    Iron deficiency
    Systemic lupus erythematosus
    Secondary syphilis
    alopecia totalis

The cause severe hair loss with limited state scalp of normal is:

    alopecia areata

Hair loss of the scalp is not normal:

    Severe psoriasis or severe dermatitis 
    Tinea capitis


Drugs that can address the causes of severe hair loss by using cytotoxic drugs, agents from thyroid ati tiourasil, an anticoagulant, an analog of vitamin A, and Thallium.

Usually the male hair loss begins signs of any age after they experienced a period puberas, however, the most common is papda age of thirty years and above, danpada age of 70 years about 80% of men who experience hair loss.

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In women, hair loss is usually the process is running slower and lighter nature. But it can cause severe stress. Nearly half of all women experience hair loss problems that are mild on the vertex area at the age of 50 and some oran also experience severe thinning. It could resemble hirsutism.
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