Here Causes Hair Loss What You Need to Know


Here Causes Hair Loss What You Need to Know - Problem Hair loss is a common hair problem that has happened to someone, and hair loss is more common in women than men. And also hair loss will attack anyone pris and both women and young and old alike. hair loss problem that happens to someone who is still easy it is called by the problem of hair loss at a young age.

To cope with hair loss, you can use materials - natural materials, or you can use a hair loss treatment medication. If you use a shampoo product for the hair loss then you should have to know the ingredients - the ingredients contained in the shampoo product. When you do the hair care and also to stop hair loss but you should know the causes of hair loss you are experiencing, we will explain the causes of hair loss you need to know.


This is the cause of hair loss you should know:

Here Causes Hair Loss What You Need to Know
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1. due to disrupted hormone

There are several types of models of hormones that can cause your hair experience hair loss, type of hormone that can cause your hair loss is alopecia hormone, dihydro testosterone hormone and hormone Alopecia Areata. all these hormones are hormones that can cause hair will experience hair loss problems.

2. Hair less Vitamins And Nutrition

causes of hair loss in addition to the disruption of the hormone, the cause of hair loss is also due to the influence of the vitamin and nutrition. therefore nutrition and vitamins are also very influential on the health of the hair, vitamins and nutritional If you are not sufficient it can cause your hair fast and easy hair loss.

3. Because Chemical Materials

When you use hair care, and treatment for the hair you use basic ingredients are chemicals, if this is done in a way continues - again then your hair will quickly experience hair loss, hair loss caused by the use of chemicals it can cause your hair roots will quickly hair and will easily fall out.


4. Drug Side Effects

hair loss due to chemicals this time of severe hair loss problem is also due to your excessive consume drugs, Drugs that can cause your hair to experience hair loss problems is a drug used to treat depression, coma trapi drugs, contraceptives and drugs - other drugs.

5. Rarely shampooing

If you rarely wash my hair this case dapay cause hair loss you are experiencing. Because when you do activities all day and where the activities that you do cause you to sweat it can cause your hair is oily and limp. If not immediately wash the hair may experience loss in because you do not wash regularly, Therefore Wash your hair regularly so that you do not easily fall out.

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That Causes Hair Loss The Note

once you know the causes of hair loss, you definitely want to overcome the hair loss, you are currently experiencing hair loss and hair loss where you experience your not immediately treated, then hair loss you will experience severe hair loss. And if the hair loss is severe it can cause baldness hair. Therefore Treat your hair loss naturally and use a hair loss product that uses ingredients - natural products.

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