Did you know Severe Causes Hair Loss


Did you know Severe Causes Hair Loss - Hair Problems Hair loss is an interference problem suffered by many people. Hair loss is a common phenomenon that often occurs. Hair loss can be caused by a lack of sufficient nutrients and vitamins to the hair roots, lack of nutrition and vitamins make the hair root easily brittle and cause hair loss.

Hair has a growing cycle of 3-4 years, then a break of 3-4 months to grow again or replace the new hair. Experiencing hair loss becomes a mark on the process of the change of new hair. In some people who experience hair loss, the hair will easily grow back within a week or several months.

However there are several things to watch out for when hair loss is more than 100 strands every day. To prevent and cope with hair loss is to study the causes of hair loss.

Many things can cause hair loss if it occurs in women:

Did you know Severe Causes Hair Loss
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1. Hair loss can be caused by rarely do wash. When hair is rarely washed, damp hair will look mtatahari due to light exposure and mixing of hair and hair roots with sweat. Sweat is also on the scalp is absorbed by hair follicles, while sweating in the head, the hair will look "limp" or damp and smelly.

2. Too often use hair dryers and penggeriting.

3. Frequent use of chemicals on the hair such as frequent hair coloring

4. Hormonal imbalances, particularly in those aged over 30 years. Hormonal changes at that age can cause hair loss

5. As a result of free radicals both from exposure to sunlight, pollution and chemicals

6. Hair loss can also be caused by frequent tying the hair too strong with a hair band that is used for too long

7. genetic disorder or due to hereditary factors caused by one of the genes of parents.

8. Hair loss can also be caused by a number of diseases such as diabetes, cancer due to the effects of chemotherapy and brain cancer.

9. Stress is too heavy, so the nerve fibers in sekitara force head hair roots become weak and eventually hair to fall

The cause of hair loss in men


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Hair loss can happen to anyone, including men. hair loss in men is generally more often due to the increasing age factor when entering their 50s, some men experience hair loss causing bald hair. Hair loss in men, may also be caused by changes in testosterone also plays an important role in the human body, including the hair. Stress also cause hair loss.
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