5 Quick Ways to grow hair


5 Quick Ways to grow hair - I admit that the title of this article is too bombastic. No one instant in the world. All require process and effort. So also in the case of hair growth. There is no quick and instant way, all need a process. Therefore, at this time we present a few tips for faster hair growth. His name is also a business. What's worth a try. Ya do?

5 Quick Ways to grow hair

Here are some tips to lengthen the hair I mean. Hopefully pleased.


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1. Diligently Massaging Scalp

This method is easy to do. You can do it at home without having to go to a salon. Massage your scalp regularly. What does massaging the scalp and accelerate hair growth? Massaging the scalp can help the nutrients more quickly towards the hair follicle. Thus expediting the process of nutrient circulation in the scalp.

2. Cut Hair

Hair cutting can be done if your hair is too long and unhealthy fast, branching example. With unhealthy hair cut would allow healthy hair to grow.

3. Vitamin

Vitamins that contain antioxidants and B vitamins is recommended given to hair every day. The vitamin has the function to maintain healthy hair.


4. Use Conditioner

Why use a conditioner? What shampoo alone is not enough? The short explanation is; shampoo is used to cleanse the hair of dirt and dust, while the conditioner is useful to provide nourishment to the hair. Currently, many shampoo that already contains a conditioner.

5. Get rid of the "Tools Hair Destroyer"

The tools used for hair straightening and hair mengritingkan using heating devices are having an impact are not good for the hair. Over time the hair will be damaged. Avoid the use of the tool if you crave healthy hair.

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Thus was 5 quick ways to grow hair. Hopefully useful yes.
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