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Wide-legged Natural Hair Care - Hair care products branching. Split ends hair is one of the problems that some women were furious. This makes the problems split ends hair appearance becomes beautiful. Who would not want to have healthy and beautiful hair? Anyone would want healthy hair, beautiful, pretty and shiny. But sometimes the problem of split ends themselves can not be avoided. Well, do you know what the cause of the problem of split ends?

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Here Causes Hair Branching

Yes, before we discuss branched hair care products it helps us first know what are the causes of split ends following:


- The intensity of shampooing too often

Shampoo is necessary to cleanse and moisturize the hair. However, if you are too frequent shampooing can cause hair to lose moisture. Therefore, as a solution to avoid shampooing too often.

- Nutrition less

Other causes of split ends is the lack of nutrients in the hair. Therefore, you have to eat enough food to nourish the hair. Moreover, you can get the nutrients from the shampoo used. Instead, you choose a shampoo containing zinc or zinc is high.

- Using a hair dryer

One cause split ends is the result of overuse of hair dryers. The use catokan or hair dryer make hair easier to dry and branching.

- Ill-treatment on the hair

There are some bad treatment that has become a habit without us knowing it can make the hair becomes damaged and forked. As the practice of combing your hair in wet conditions, too long in the field of hair exposed to direct sunlight, as well as custom tie your hair in a long time.


Here Kinds of Natural Hair Care Branching

Now that we know some cause, then we can get a conclusion on how to prevent split ends themselves. Well, besides prevention you can also use natural care products split ends as follows:

Apply a natural mask

Well, to get the right treatment at the split ends, you can overcome branched experienced hair using natural mask. Natural mask that you can use for example like papaya fruit masks. Well, papaya contains a lot of protein and nutrition of hair, so that it can make your hair healthier. As for how to use the papaya mask is to mix mashed papaya 200 grams to as much as 2 tablespoons yogurt, then apply this mixture on your hair evenly. Then cover your hair using a shower cap and leave for 30 minutes. You can apply the papaya mask before shampooing.

Natural oils for hair massage

You can apply the natural oils in your hair as a hair treatment with massage branched namely hair. The oil can be used for hair massage this is argan oil or almond oil. The way is also very easy, apply oil evenly one to two drops before shampooing, and leave until 60 minutes ago. After that wash with shampoo. Do this every week on a regular basis.

 Apply egg mask

Natural hair care products other branching is to apply an egg mask. You can mix the eggs and honey as a natural treatment to overcome the split ends.

Honey as a conditioner

One of the most efficacious products solve hair problems is to use honey as a conditioner. How to use this honey conditioner, do after using the shampoo. Allow up to a few minutes and then wipe it evenly using clean water.

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