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This is material for natural hair grower drug - Someone who experience hair loss would not feel confident again, they will feel very embarrassed as a result of baldness that occurred ,. Hair is often called the crown of the head, especially the ladies are very very concerned about the appearance and they will feel insecure if the appearance of his or her hair will be dull, wrinkled, chapped, even fall out.

At occurrence factor Baldness Hair, namely:

Doing the wrong diet
Doing the wrong diet can be bad for the health of hair and hair loss and balding, the wrong diet can happen if the food consumed more fast food contain lots of salt. The body will lose a lot of protein and iron and nutrients.

Many thoughts or stress
One of the causes of hair loss is a lot of her mind or stress, it will mempengarungi new hair growth, stress experienced by a man, for example their work problems, family problems and usually a guy will eliminate that stress through smoking and alcoholic beverages it is also even getting worse so can cause hair loss, as well as problems woman is the subject of divorce, heard from relatives of the deceased, and keep someone who is seriously ill it also makes hair damage, prolonged stress will force the body's hormones, including the hormone on the head can cause brittle hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Their heredity or genetic
Hair loss can occur in the offspring or genetic ancestry may be scaled in one of the genes elderly father or mother this can happen to boys.

The occurrence of a disease
Hair bald her usual a disease caused by some kind of disease that causes hair loss such as cancer, diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

Various Medicine Efficacious Natural Hair Bald highly efficacious for baldness, namely:

This is Natural Ingredients That Can Make Drugs growing Hair Balding Naturally you need to know

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Celery leaves

Bald hair natural medicine for bald hair is celery, celery leaves very efficacious for hair growth, hair will look thick and shiny black. How to use pick up on the celery stalk and their taste, then washed, then puree in a blender or mashed, after delicate celery leaves rub into the scalp and massage gently, let stand for 20 minutes, rinse with water until clean.


Lemon is a natural balding hair medicine, in the womb of lime contains many vitamins. Properties of lime can help the growth of new hair, how to use it is pick up on a lemon, then squeeze the lemon until the water out of her, apply lime juice on the scalp evenly, after dry well add 1 chicken egg take yellow her only apply on the scalp until blended, wrapped with a towel during the night, the next day, rinse with clean water, to obtain satisfactory results can be done 2 times a day regularly.

leaves pare

Leaves pare a drug bald hair natural, leaf properties pare very effective and for doing it this way is not difficult, how to use it is to prepare the leaves pare fresh taste, then wash them clean, crushed leaves pare it, then squeeze to take out its water, after it use the juice of the bitter melon leaves for shampooing and let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.


Kemiri is a drug bald hair naturally, as well as herbs hazelnut can produce benefits to thicken hair and make hair shiny black, how to use it is pick up on the fruit kemiiri taste, then wash them clean, then mashed pecan until smooth, add enough water then boiled to exit its oil, apply a hazelnut oil until evenly, let sit for one hour, then rinse thoroughly, to produce satisfactory results should be done three times a week.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a drug bald hair naturally, besides known as an ornamental and medicinal plants, aloe vera can produce benefits for healthy hair growth and natural, how to use it is ambillidah crocodile, then cut into two parts, download white gel that is on the tongue crocodile and rub into the scalp evenly, cover your head with a towel and let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water and shampoo. To produce satisfactory results apply in this way three times a week.

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That various medicine natural balding hair that can be used to grow hair or bald head, the hair loss is severe, please try and may be useful to help loss problems being faced.

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