The cause of hair balding in men and women


The cause of hair balding in men and women - Threats baldness is not only experienced by men because women also can experience, despite the risk of male pattern baldness is higher than women, it can be prevented origin of the initial symptoms can terdektesi early, because pattern baldness hair will be very disturbing appearance.

Here are some causes of hair balding problems in men and women

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Things That Can Cause Severe Baldness in Female Hair, namely:

  • Women are too often use hair dryers and curling irons can cause baldness hair.
  • Women are too often using chemicals on your hair as often to endlessly change hair color.
  • Women who frequently go out or travel does not wear a hat or head covering will be exposed to direct sunlight, pollution and chemicals.
  • Women who often tie your hair too strong or too long with tight ponytail can also lead to severe loss and baldness
  • Women who suffer from diseases such as brain cancer and diabetes. Will experience severe baldness.
  • Women who have a genetic disorder or due to hereditary factors caused by one gene of parents, affect hair growth.
  • Women who rarely do wash or clean the hair regularly, the hair will produce sweat and look flat, it can cause damage to the hair, should pay attention to the cleanliness of your hair on a regular basis.
  • Women who many thought or stress will have problems in her hair growth, too much stress can cause nerve fibers is disrupted and forced the head of hair becomes weak and can cause severe hair loss.

Things That Can Cause Severe Baldness in Men Hair, namely:

  • Men who suffer from chronic illnesses can cause severe baldness on the hair, in the suffering chronic diseases, among others, diabetes and rheumatism or gout. Will be the effect can disturb certain hormones that can trigger severe hair loss
  •  Men who had a yeast infection, a fungal infection that is located on the scalp of men will have a negative impact on hair loss, the initial thing that will be felt is the bald area feels rough and scaly. How to eradicate the infection with anti-fungal shampoo.
  • Men who are stressed and have a lot on his mind, not only women who can be stressful, but men can also experience stress which many times. One of the causes of stress in men is when work, family problems, and illness. This can have a negative impact on the growth of the men's hair.
  •    Men who experience a shortage in asupa nutrition and poor nutrition, will experience the same thing that severe hair loss, should maintain a diet and nutrition with balanced.

Various Kinds of Natural Ingredients to Become Severe Drug Bald Hair is:

Plant ginkgo biloba

In the womb of ginkgo biloba has a function as drug bald hair badly because it contains natural ingredients to grow hair on the head, the origin of this plant comes from China, the plant is known to treat some diseases, one of them can cope with hair balding badly, how to use its uses biloba ginkgo plant by applying ginkgo biloba is already in the form of oil on the scalp, oil ginkgo biloba is usually easy to get at the pharmacy or drug store oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can serve as a remedy severe balding hair, can also be efficacious as a hair growth and can also eliminate dandruff, because dandruff can also inhibit the growth of hair. How to use coconut oil is providing taste, and rub into the scalp until uniform, then let stand within 30 minutes, and rinse with clean water, in order to better use doing for 15 days on a regular basis.

Chicken egg

Chicken egg yolk can be efficacious as a drug bald hair is severe and can nourish hair balding badly, how to use it is dab chicken egg yolk on the scalp evenly, then massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the hair with water to clean by using a shampoo that does not smell fishy smell on the hair, to produce satisfactory results should be conducted three times a week.

pecan seed

Pecan seeds are also efficacious as medicine severe balding hair and are able to make hair shiny black, not only to herbs or supplements in cooking only. How to use it is the download seed hazelnut taste then roasted seeds pecan until charred, then crushed or milled seeds pecan, and then apply on the scalp evenly, better done at night before bed but do not forget to wear wrapping head from being exposed to black on clothes and pillows, Wash the next day.

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