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Natural Bald Hair Drug Safe - Hair loss problems resulting baldness is now often a problem and the talk on everyone, of course, have a healthy hair will be free from the problem of hair loss or the other. For that I will discuss the problem of hair loss that causes baldness and what medications are safe balding hair can be used for those who have problems bald hair.

Hair is a part that can not be separated by everybody, including myself, of course, and for those of you who have severe hair loss problem resulting in baldness in the head, you can find the right solution to solve it by using a safe drug bald hair.

Indeed, currently, is very much a product issued by a few companies to address balding hair loss due to a severe but you should be able to choose a variety of these products carefully lest you incorrectly use products for hair care.

If you do not want to use drugs bald hair sold in different markets or stores for fear of chemicals yangt contained therein you can use natural materials for medicine bald hair that is safe, because using natural materials but can save you a natural material also effect not least with balding hair drug sold in the market. But before I tell you how to make a safe drug bald hair I will tell you what are the factors that often cause hair to bald due to a severe loss.

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Causes of Hair Be Bald Is:

-Hair lack nutrients
-Hair is often exposed to heat
-Frequent combing after shampooing
-Often use a hair dryer to dry hair
-Often experience stress

Some of these factors are among the factors causing hair to fall out and eventually become bald. We recommend that you avoid all of the above factors unless heredity, but for those of you who are having problems baldness hair due to hereditary you still can nourish your hair back using drugs bald hair that is safe, and I will help you to nourish hair bald by using natural materials ,
Some Bald Hair Drug Is Safe:

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Celery leaves

The natural ingredients are first that you can make to drug bald hair that is safe is to use celery leaves, natural ingredients is very effective to nourish hair with practical and also safe to use you also do not have to bother or a scourge to seek celery because daunn celery aplenty sold in the market or supermarket. How to make drugs safe balding hair with celery leaves are first of all you have to prepare celery then you wash it clean. Celery leaves that have been washed clean you can puree with how blended or crushed and then you apply the material to all parts of your head until evenly, leave for more than an hour later you rinse your hair, you can do this way routinely and regularly to fertilize your hair bald.

skin Apples

Besides the fruit you can consumption to be eaten immediately turns you can also use the peel to be a safe drug bald hair. Apple skin! The natural ingredients of this one is an ingredient to nourish hair, apple skin is very nutritious for hair because it has some vitamins can make the hair be natural lush and healthy of course. The way you prepare your skin apple puree to taste then peel the apples then you you can apply on your coconut shell evenly and let stand for 20 minutes then you can rinse your hair. Jangn forgot to apply this way on a regular basis so that your hair becomes fertile and can grow your hair naturally.

Red onion

In addition to many who use onions for seasoning cooking turns out you can also use red baeang to be bald hair drug is safe and effective. Shallots have properties very good to nourish hair, the way you prepare and then you peel the onion and then you wash the onion until it is clean. Shallots are already clean to your blender and then you mix it with coconut oil to taste and then you rub rub the head until evenly and massage slowly and then you can let sit for about 40 minutes, then after that you rinse thoroughly and do not forget to do the way in rutim so fast your hair grows back naturally.

Okeh! Some of the natural ingredients above is very effective to be used as medicine bald hair that is safe and effective. Besides easy to obtain these materials you also do not need to spend a huge cost to buy the ingredients mentioned above because the price is cheaper reltif. Do not forget to do the natural way that routinely and regularly if you really want to grow hair banar bald due to a severe loss.
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