How to Treat Hair Loss Severe and dandruff


How to Treat Hair Loss Severe and dandruff - Usually the main cause of hair loss due to inflammation of hair follicles caused by head oily conditions. Therefore do hair care from the start before the hair loss getting worse. there are many ways to cope with hair loss either in a natural way and the modern way.

One of the causes of hair loss are dandruff, scalp dandruff is very possible therefore avoid excessive scratching his head. Due to the too frequent head scratching scalp hair follicles will weaken and eventually can cause hair loss. Excessive dandruff will also be able to block the hair follicles and causes hair growth to be slower.

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Here on Scalp Dandruff Causes:
Incidence Causes Dandruff

  •  Cold and dry temperatures also cause dandruff.
  • Cleaning in poor self may also contribute to the problem of dandruff.
  •  Dandruff is disebebkan by Malassezia globosa fungus that grows scalp.
  •  Shampooing irregular and infrequent shampooing can also cause dandruff on the scalp.
  •  The use of excessive hair styling, such as wax, hair gel and hair mousse that can cause dandruff.

Getting Rid of Dandruff

 Anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner is the most effective of the treatment available and easily obtainable. Anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals such as zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide which can help eliminate dandruff. The material will not be lost even after rinsing the hair with water, this material will be attached to the scalp so as to prevent the growth of fungus on the scalp.

With the use of shampoos and conditioners containing formulations mild cleansers and chemicals to cope with dandruff, and safe for use biasa.terlebih first make sure that the user does not have an allergy to dalah chemicals contained in the product.

How to Prevent Dandruff

  •  Perform massage your hair and scalp with warm oil to prevent drying of the scalp and to improve the circulation of blood.
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in omega fatty acids with ensial, especially omega 3
  • Avoid using excessive hair styling products, especially dew gel and hair spray.
  • Always maintain a healthy scalp and hair.
 How to Treat Hair Loss Severe and dandruff
How to Treat Hair Loss Severe and dandruff should do secepet possible because the hair at risk for baldness is higher than those who experience hair loss is normal.
Always Use Vitamin Hair Loss
There are some natural ingredients that you can process into an effective hair loss vitamins. The provision of nutrition and vitamins for hair loss can help prevent baldness occurs earlier.

Use strawberries to maintain the health of your hair, because strawberries have meliki content of vitamins and substances that are good enough for the hair, in addition to the high protein content of strawberries, rich in vitamin E and zinc.

Shampoo and Conditioner with Ph Low
Using a shampoo with a low pH will help prevent hair loss is increasing, especially for dry hair types. Use conditioner to the ends of the hair, as a conditioner can help reduce hair loss.

Use cold water for shampooing
Cold water may be better to keep the strength of the hair using hot water while shampooing, and you should make sure your fingernails do not rub the scalp with ataupu menggaruka strong. because it can make the scalp hurt and cause hair to fall out.

Not Rubbing the hair after shampooing
How to treat severe hair loss and berketembo you can do by not doing in poor habits are rubbing the hair after shampooing. Conditions were wet hair is very susceptible to friction, therefore, see to it that you do not rub wet hair with a towel rough. Hair by patting gently dries the hair.

Garlic is the herbs that you find in the kitchen, but it turns out garlic is beneficial for treating hair loss. How pretty easy processing, peel 2 garlic cloves and puree in a blender and garlic ready to use.

Smeared subtlety garlic on the scalp as well as hair strands up evenly and do light massage repeatedly, and let stand garlic for 1 hour and you can use olive oil sebahai natural materials both for massaging kelit head without clearing the garlic, then let your hair are in these conditions for 6 hours, wrap your head with hansdur so as not to contaminate the place, after it kermasi hair with shampoo and conditioner plus usage.

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