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How Branching Without Hair Care Salon - The problem often faced by women is branched hair. Branched hair is also often accompanied by signs that dry. For hair care which branch is very different to hair care in general.

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Require special treatment in order branched hair can be lost. Branched hair care is actually very easy, you do not need to come to the salon and spend a fortune. Quite at home alone you can already cope with dry hair and split ends yours.


This is the 6 Steps Branching Hair Care

When your hair has started branching and dry should you take proper care. Here are the steps how to overcome the split ends and dry.

Haircut branched

The tip of the hair that has already branched need to be cut. No need to cut the overall hair hair tip branching enough alone. Cutting the hair ends it as a precaution to prevent split ends from getting worse. To cut branched hair salon did not need to, you can simply cut with scissors scissors yourself that you have.

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable

The hair is branching often occurs because you incorrectly use shampoo and conditioner. Use a shampoo and conditioner that one product and work with your hair. If the shampoo is used to add dry hair, you should immediately change your shampoo. But remember, do not often replace the shampoo because hair can get damaged and forked.

Comb before shampooing

Hair Care branched hereinafter that by combing the hair before shampooing. This will make the hair becomes easy to set when shampooing and make shampoo evenly throughout the hair. Besides oil on the hair can also be spread evenly on your hair.

Do not dry the hair with a rough towel

Mistakes are often made women was drying my hair with a rough towel to dry. Drying in this way it makes the hair that has been shampooed become tangled and easy to be damaged and forked. Get used to dry the hair with a soft towel.


Use clean water when shampooing

This is the most important thing. In washing the hair always uses clean water. The water that was contaminated when used to wash it make the hair become increasingly dirty and can damage the hair. Therefore, always use clean water to wash your hair.

Treat with natural ingredients

How to remove hair branch lastly, by doing natural treatments. Minimal use of natural hair mask once a week in order branched hair back to health. Hair masks that can be used for example mayonnaise, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, and balsamic vinegar. You can choose one of these natural ingredients to treat your split ends.

Actually branched hairs can be prevented with the right treatment and the right. Avoid to dye your hair too often because of drug chemical hair dye can damage the hair and make hair become dry and branched. Also, avoid excessive also use a hair dryer when drying the hair.

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Use of an electric dryer is indeed quick in drying but the hair will be drier. Combing hair once a day is also very necess
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