Causes of Hair Loss in Women


Causes of Hair Loss in Women - Hair loss occurs, especially on long hair because the roots of the hair brittle. Therefore, if you are experiencing hair loss, which must be considered is the root of the hair. Dab tonic after every shampoo to strengthen hair roots. The cause of hair loss in women is mixed. Can stress, radiation, the use of hard drugs, or circumstances after give birth.

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The cause of hair loss in women is another hormone, in chronic diseases, fungal diseases of the skin, allergies, chronic skin disease and emotional stress. If hair loss persists, you should consult a specialist in skin and venereal nearby. And the so-called hair loss if the amount of loose hair that is the root of more than 100 strands / day.

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Addressing the causes of hair loss in women is to avoid excessive intake of vitamin A, avoid bleach hair, giving the oil on the scalp and using conditioner pprotein. It is to note is do not sleep with her hair tied tying hair or headbands stick because it will lead to hair loss.

The right hair treatment for hair loss in women are:

  •     Do not comb hair when wet
  •     Allow to dry naturally
  •     Hair dryer low temperature
  •     Hair dryer distance of 10-15 cm
  •     Comb, not a hairbrush
  •     Toothed comb Long
  •     Not tie your hair too tight
  •     Often changing lines parts and hairstyles
  •     Frequent hair parse
  •     combing taste
  •     Protect hair from the sun
  •     Taking time to care for hair
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