Bald Hair drug Potent And Effectual


Bald Hair drug Potent And Effectual - Hair bald a problem that most often occurs in men. And not infrequently also occur in women. There are people like balding hair so it would accidentally cut his hair until exhausted. But if the hair balding occurs naturally and suddenly will make that feel embarrassed because of his hair loss.

bald hair can occur because there is his disease, causing his symptoms by removing the hair so that over time into baldness. But it is not only because of the disease only, since it has the burden of pikiranpun can make bald hair. Because the burden of thinking that a lot of that over time will become bald.

Bald hair potent drug

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    Aloe vera

Using aloe vera as a potent drug bald hair. Because aloe vera if used routinely, by rubbing the scalp only slightly overgrown hair will help to stimulate hair growth to be faster. But do not worry about side effects because it can grow hair fast. Because aloe vera is derived from natural plants.

    Olive oil

If you want to grow hair fast can also use olive oil. Because olive oil is a potent hair loss drugs. Enough rubbing the head with olive oil after after bathing, then the effect will be felt very quickly. Hair will slowly grow very well and healthy.


Using materials containing protein also great for potent drugs bald hair. Especially if the usage of his routine. Then the hair growth will be faster than her usual, and the results of the hair that has been in the rubbing with the yolk will be very good and certainly also his growing healthily.

    Coconut milk

Using hair loss drugs potent coconut milk is also good. Because the content of which is owned by the coconut fruit may help hair growth to be faster than her usual. and over time if the usage of the routine will make your hair will slowly grow. Besides being able to grow hair, coconut milk will also produce jet-black hair into a natural and healthy.


Ginger that has been in the puree can be a potent drug bald hair. Because the content of which is owned ginger is also very good for stimulating hair growth to be stronger and healthier. Usage of ginger to the scalp will indeed cause a burning sensation, but it does not matter, because the hair that will grow will be great.

    Green tea

Green tea can not only enjoy in your spare time when morning or afternoon is experiencing cold weather, because of the rain. The use rubbing her just enough to wet the scalp or her with ait tea. But makes her not to add sugar, because it will damage the existing content in green tea. Because green tea is a potent drug bald hair.


Celery leaves can also be a potent drug bald hair. Smooths some celery leaves with the way in growing or in blender will then rub into the scalp that is bald, so if in the repeat will be helpful for hair growth to be faster, and its results will also be stronger hair does not easily collapse.

    Coconut water

Bald hair potent drugs could also use coconut water. If buying his regular coconut water for consumption so this time try to buy coconut water to cope with balding hair. Moisten the scalp using coconut water are very useful for hair to grow faster. And its results will be stronger than previous hair.

Here's how to prevent balding hair

When it was routine care to address balding hair, and its results have also begun to look with great hair growth, then his next that should be done while maintaining the health of hair that is not balding atapun broken back. it could do while maintaining a healthy food intake, so that the hair remains unfulfilled nutrition and avoiding smoking. Because substances that have smoking can also damage the hair. so that if in the continuous consumption can cause balding hair back.

Wash your hair with the fit was the recommended twice a day also helps to prevent hair completely bald. Because hair hygiene also influential for the survival of hair health. and drink water as much as 2 liters per day can prevent hair become bald.

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Drink water as much as 2 liters can slowly, with dose drinking glass, so that the body fluid to be met, and the hair is not dry because it lacks cairan.Tambahkan foods containing iron and also a lot of eating fruits that contain vitamin A and B will add nutrients, and also will digestion more smoothly, so it is not difficult to defecate. By doing all that has been written above, it will make the hair quality will be better, and far from hair problems.

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