7 Causes Hair Do not Grow Healthy


7 Causes Hair Do not Grow Healthy - 7 Causes Hair Grow Unfair Everyone would want to have a healthy rabut smooth and glossy especially women. However, most of them have health maslaah with hair, including hair loss even dandruff problem that would not go away. And finally choose a treatment which is quite expensive to just get the hair as he wishes.

To care for the hair to stay healthy not only use hair products alone, but there are still other factors that berperangaruh on hair growth as well as the lifestyle that is lived every day. If the everyday lifestyle that run less healthy then the hair will grow less healthy too, the problems experienced by the hair in general is hair loss that exceeds the limit, dandruff and hair branched.

Thus the factors causing this kesehatanrambut problem must be known beforehand. Such as what are the factors cause hair to grow less healthy, consider some pontnya below:

Here Causes Hair Grow Unhealthy

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1. Being Dry and Brittle Hair
When experiencing hair is dry and become brittle, maybe this is one of the main reasons that make the hair growth is reduced. Therefore, it is very important to keep the hair and scalp to remain healthy. You can use essential oils and ingredients derived from other natural ingredients to help your hair roots to become stronger so that hair growth can be increased and more healthy.

2. Rarely Cutting Edge Hair
Cut the ends of hair regularly will make your hair grow better. It is rarely noticed by a woman so if you crave to have hair grow healthy, you can try to cut the ends of your hair routine.

3. Effect of Diet On Hair
Healthy hair can also be detracted from their diet. Diet may be a problem when the body has little vitamin and protein from the menu that is consumed. Surely this will be quite an effect on the health of the hair. When hair loss occurs when the diet is unnatural, could it indicates you have to change your diet to become healthier.

4. Tools Hair Stylist
The use of tools that aim to restructure the hair, such as hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers with the excess can be one of the main factors that make the problem of hair keseburan be reduced. This is due to the heat released by these tools so that the hair follicles can be damaged. This is the reason why hair grows became unwell.

5. Trying New Products On Hair

Hair can suffer damage can also be caused by the use of different products. This is because the chemicals that may be inhibiting hair growth. So the hair does not grow healthy. Therefore, be selective in choosing products for your hair care.

6. Use comb Meeting On Hair
Almost everyone uses sisr to fix her hair. However, the use of a comb that is too tight can also cause hair to grow less well. The use of a comb that has a density too tight can make the scalp hair is weak so it could grow to be less good.

7. Maintain Hair When Sleep
Another thing that also could be factors that cause hair growth is less good, which does not break the bonds of the hair during sleep. It can make the hair becomes not free to breathe. By releasing the lock of hair, the hair can grow and breathe better and be healthier.

Aside from 7 Reasons to Grow Hair Unhealthy above, of course, there are many other things that could be a factor causing the unhealthy growth of hair. The use of certain drugs can also be side effects such as hair loss.

The least you know some of the reasons that make the hair grow less healthy. Therefore from now on keep your hair well in addition to regular maintenance, you should also avoid the factors that can cause hair to grow less healthy. Keep your hair healthy

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