5 Ways to Grow Hair Bald Quickly


5 Ways to Grow Hair Bald Quickly - How to grow hair quickly and naturally bald is a very important step, given that the hair is a crown for humans. Especially for women. Although most people with hair loss are men. But do not rule out the possibility of women also feel the same way.

Bald hair loss starts from the outside of the limits of reasonableness. Hair loss itself is caused by several things. For example because of consuming drugs, aging, heredity and also treatment on the hair is not right. Some tips to treat your hair to not go bald due to loss.

Here are some tips for treating hair in order not to Problems

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First, do not be too long under the sun. As this will make the hair become dry and too stressful. Thus triggering hair loss.

Second, use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type, keep in mind that the brand is famous and expensive price is not a guarantee for healthy and shiny hair. But rather prioritize the skin compatibility of your hair with shampoo or conditioner brand that has long you use. Come and go brand of shampoo is also a lack of proper action. Because hair must adjust in advance any change of use of shampoo.

, the use of chemicals that are intended to beautify the hair, for example when you want to do rebounding, smoothing and curly, generally three types of hair care will use a lot of drugs are loaded with chemicals. Coupled with the use of a tool like a vise hair care, hair dryer and so forth. Will increasingly create stress and brittle hair.

Fourth, combing hair while still wet. Usually people will always comb my hair after every shampoo, hair wet conditions at the time. And it turns out these habits will make your hair fall out more easily. Because when wet, the hair will be more fragile than usual.

five is the habit of tying the hair too strong, especially when we were asleep. This is a cause of stress and hair becomes easy to fallNatural Effective herb To Grow Hair

Basically, in addition to using herbs hair grower from the outside, you should also pay attention to the nutrients needed by the hair. Healthy hair is highly dominated by zinc. Therefore, consume foods that can trigger the optimal content of zinc in the hair.

Food containing zinc is spinach, soy, chocolate, crab, garlic, oysters, mushrooms, egg yolks, whole grains and red meat. By taking some of these foods on a regular basis and within normal levels, will make the hair growth to be more healthy and protected from loss.

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As for the hair to grow bald, you can use a mask made from natural materials such as the following.

Green coconut water
Green coconut water content is more special than the coconut water in general. Green coconut water is also often used to neutralize the state of a person who suffered poisoning. Beside that using green coconut water to wash also can grow with bushy hair and reduce hair loss. You can get a green coconut water easily, or you can order the seller to choose the green coconut oil, the price is a bit expensive compared to the usual coconut. But this is in accordance with the benefits contained therein. You can do wash using green coconut water for 2 consecutive weeks. Then for its maintenance you simply do it 2 times a week.

Besides favors for water consumption of tea is also believed to grow hair fast. certainly do not need added sugar, enough to make tea using hot water, then let stand until cold. After that smeared across the surface of the scalp and hair. Perform routine every day. Given the price of tea is not so expensive, maybe this could be the solution that's right. For more optimal you can use green tea. Because green tea contains antioxidants that are also useful to nourish and strengthen the hair roots.

Eclipta prostrata
Surely we've heard of these crops. Currently it is a little difficult to get urang aring. Because there has been no serious cultivation step. But it can not be denied that the content of the existing benefits in Eclipta prostrata able to make the hair becomes more fertile so it can look heavy and shiny black.

If you really want to get this plant, you can order the seller in a traditional market.

Aloe vera

Next is aloe or aloe vera, this plant is easy to find, because it is very easy to be planted. Use aloe gel to be used as a hair mask every day.

Similarly, some of the ways to grow hair bald quickly and safely, hopefully can help address health issues of your hair.
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