Tips to Overcome Rebonding Damaged Hair


Tips to Overcome Rebonding Damaged Hair - Many women are less satisfied with the condition of her hair. They wanted to make the hair look more beautiful, gorgeous, straight and shiny every day. This makes many women do hair care excessively. Excessive hair care make it even badly damaged hair and the hair will lose its fertility.

One of hair care can make damaged hair is rebonding. Direbonding hair too much can make the hair dry, branching, brittle and fall. Additionally, moisture will be lost and the hair becomes matted hair and suulit arranged. If you are currently experiencing something like this, you should consider five ways to overcome damaged hair rebonding in this article

Here's How to Overcome Rebonding Damaged Hair Because You Should Do Start Now

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Using Aloe Vera
First aid you need to do to overcome the hair damage due to rebonding is to use aloe vera. From the first, aloe vera is known as a medicinal herb useful as hair health. Way, take aloe vera gel that has been released. Apply evenly to your hair, leave a few minutes for aloe vera seep into your hair. Afterwards, rinse your hair using clean water.
Green Tea Consumption
In addition to using aloe vera, other ways that you can use to cope with damaged hair because of rebonding is to consume green tea. Green tea contains anti-oxidants are high and epigallocatechin 3 gallic that can nourish and smooth the hair regeneration process better. The trick is, brewed green tea in hot water, then drink while warm conditions. Drink green tea in the morning and evening routine.

Damaged Hair cut
Hair cut regularly aims to stimulate the growth of new hair healthier. Cut the ends of damaged hair is also beneficial to prevent split ends. Suppose you cut your hair two or three months. Indeed, this is very hard to do, but believe me your hair will grow back with conditions more fertile and healthy.

Toothed Comb wear Rarely
When the condition of your hair is being broken and tangled, you should start using a wide-toothed comb. The use of a wide-toothed comb can make your hair more manageable and does not make the hair pulled back. The use of wide-toothed comb will also prevent your hair from hair loss.


 Wearing Serum Vitamin Natural Hair
Serum vitamin natural hair is a product which is suitable for treating damaged hair rebonding. Serum serves as a natural mask to restore the health of your hair. Select and use a hair serum that contains natural herbal ingredients as the main ingredient.


Use of Serum Vitamin Hair Routine, More Will Make Your Hair Soft, Smooth, Easy Set, More Long Thick and Fast

That's 5 ways to treat damaged hair rebonding you can do from now on. The results of each person can vary depending on how the care and condition your hair. Hopefully this article useful for anyone wherewith reading and practice.

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