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Recognize Different Problems and Ways Hair Reviver - Hair is one organ that has been given by God to us. Hair falsifies physical appearance that often we are proud of ourselves. Indeed, when we were babies we do not have hair, but with age, slowly kitapun hair grows by itself. We could be the creation of a hairstyle according to the type of hair we have, starting straight hair, wavy hair, until the hair is curly. Of course, the creation of a hair style should be balanced with good hair care.

But unfortunately, some people can not be the creation of hairstyle he has, because they damaged hair caused by hair care less regular. Hair damage problems that are often experienced by most people is hair loss, dandruff, split ends, hair bald, until the gray hair at a young age. All these issues must be dealt with quickly and appropriately, so that hair damage is not more critical.


The first issue that needs attention is the problem of hair loss. Hair loss is a disease that causes hair breakage of hair from the roots each time dihelai or combed. Hair loss is allowed to continue will result in hair thinning and eventually will go bald. Hair baldness is often experienced by men, terurama in the forehead and the head of the central part. Bald hair would obviously reduce penampila ourselves. Therefore, for men and women must equally know the causes of hair loss and how to cope.

Another problem that can not be overlooked is the problem of dandruff hair. Dandruff is a fraction of dead skin cells that fall on our heads, scaly shape and often makes the head itch. Dandruff will be known when scratched our heads or combing, the dandruff generally yellowish white. Dandruff is caused by Malassezia globosa fungus that grows on the scalp and dandruff can also occur in people who seldom washed her hair.

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Hair problem that often affects most people is the gray hair at a young age. First gray hair is always synonymous with the old, now-gray hair had also been appearing on those who are still young. The emergence of gray hair due to damage of hair dye or hair pigment that is no longer able to produce the black color on the hair. It was due to the influence of chemicals that we use too much, such as gel, pomade, polish, and shampoo.

Well after we know the type of hair problems, then we will give you tips for healthy hair problems.

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Hair Cleaning:
Clean your hair every day or every other day using a shampoo that contains vitamin E. This vitamin is excellent for repairing damaged hair. Make sure you clean the rest of shampoo when rinsing the hair with cold water.

Natural Oils: Use natural oils such as coconut oil hair, candlenut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or almond oil to increase the softness and smoothness of hair. You do this by applying natural oils on the hair after shampooing, wrap your hair with a warm towel, let stand 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe is a natural plant that has been believed to nourish the hair. Pure aloe gel contains no alcohol can help repair the hair and the hair is able to grow prolifically. You do this by rubbing aloe vera gel on the entire surface of the hair.

Reduce Chemical Use of Materials: Use gel, shampoo, polish, as well as excessive hair oil will lead to nutritional deficiencies and weaken hair natural dyes hair, so black hair will fade and turn red-brown and old will appear gray.

Hair Dryer Avoid:
Avoid drying the hair by heating. This method can make the hair become dry and split ends that lead to further damage. Preferably dry the hair by means dikipas or ventilated.

 That is the explanation of the importance of knowing the hair damage and ways to menyehatkannya. Good tips on healthy hair grower could be useful for anyone who has read.

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