11 Ways To Overcome Hair Loss Naturally


11 Ways To Overcome Hair Loss Naturally -  How to Cope with Hair Loss Naturally, Having beautiful hair, strong and healthy of course this has to be everyone's dream. Because according to the Part of the hair is a crown of the head, and if the hair looks lush and healthy can increase confidence in someone.

Therefore in case some hair problems, such as experiencing hair loss, hair dry even be treated properly so that it can snap back even become stronger. Who experience normal hair loss ranges from 20 pieces to 50 pieces each day, but if you are experiencing hair loss is more than the normal limit is necessary to do a good care so that the loss that occurs in the hair from getting worse. Well, how?

The means used to use drugs that have been so reliable in the market or you can also use some traditional methods and natural ingredients. And of course there are advantages and disadvantages. You should be careful when choosing products that have been sold in the market, so that the natural way is certainly more advisable because you will know the ingredients used so you can be assured that the natural ingredients you use are not harmful and damage the health of your body. Besides natural ingredients are also fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain in the environment around you.

11 How to Cope with Hair Loss Naturally

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Some natural ingredients can be used to overcome this hair loss. As Daily Healthy summarized from various sources of reliable information, below are a few natural substances that are able to treat and improve hair loss. Consider the full description below!

1.White Eggs
The use of egg white in the hair also helps in maintaining the texture and softness of hair you have. You can separate the egg whites with the yolk. After that you can churning up the egg white into a paste form. Then use on your hair evenly so that it can slow down and also treat your hair loss.

2. Tomatoes, Olive Oil and Aloe
Some natural materials can also be mixed and used to treat hair loss. The first one can destroy the tomatoes and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Then, heat the mixture until becoming warmer and you can use it on the scalp topically. Then, let stand for about half an hour. In addition you can also add other natural ingredients such as aloe vera meat in this mixture, of course if you want it.

3. Shallots
A high sulfur content in the onion to make onion juice helpful for improving blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, red onions have anti-bacterial properties that is able to crush germs and also various other parasites besides it can heal the scalp can cause hair loss. You can use some grated onion then you strain. Once finished, you can use this juice on the scalp and allow it to seep in your hair for about ten minutes. Then after that you wash your head and your hair with warm water.

4. Coconut milk
Coconut milk also may help with hair loss. Besides coconut milk can also easily make your own at home. You do this by adding grated coconut and water then place in the pan. After that you can boil for five minutes then strain. Let stand until the temperature becomes normal, set it was the coconut milk can be used on your scalp and let stand about less than twenty minutes. And do not forget to memberishkan your hair with water.

5. Ginger
Besides being used as a cooking spice, ginger also has the benefit of accelerating the growth of the hair so that hair loss can be overcome head. You can make oil for hair care by using ginger, how to grate the ginger and add the sesame oil and mix until evenly distributed. After that you can use this sesame oil on your scalp and then let sit for approximately sepuuh minutes and then wipe clean.

Protein is one of the main nutrients needed by your hair. How to cope with hair loss naturally also able to consume protein in amounts sufficient to increase hair growth and stop hair loss. Therefore, you can begin to consume a variety of foods that contain high protein, such as fish or can also consume a protein shake so your hair can grow into a healthier and thicker.

7.Vitamin B12
In addition to protein intake, other ways to cope with hair loss which Fengan vitamin B12. Many of the benefits of vitamin B12 are some of them were able to maintain the cells in the hair and also make the scalp become healthier. Vitamin B12 can help the body form red blood cells and thus helps in providing oxygen in the body. Among the sources of foods that have vitamin B12 include meat, eggs, milk, poultry and other foods.

8.Oil Lavender
Lavender oil is believed to assist in troubleshooting hair loss and proven to increase hair growth on your part. You do this by using lavender oil and massage it on your scalp for about fifteen minutes. This way you can regularly do two weeks.

9.Green Tea
Green tea is more familiar as a drink that can be slimming, but the antioxidant content of green tea also has benefits for reducing kerontkan on the hair and also give effect of freshness on the scalp Anda.Cara its use to brew green tea and then let stand overnight to stale, then the whole basuhkan the green tea on the entire surface of your hair after you wash it with warm water.

10.Do not Brush When Wet
You should begin to leave the habit of brushing hair when your hair is wet. Besides sleeping in a state of wet hair also can make the hair becomes increasingly fall. In the state of wet hair, the higher the risk of broken hair. Additionally you can choose a comb that has teeth that are rarely hair loss and fracture risk could be minimized.

11. Aloe Vera and Honey
Vitamins and minerals are also useful for the hair, can be found in the aloe vera and honey. Both of these natural ingredients can nourish and stop hair loss. How to make that it is very easy to cut and separate the aloe vera skin and discard the gum that sticks to the skin aloe vera gel Karrena itch and use of its course, then the gel can be mixed with a little honey and then the material can be applied to your hair. Let stand for twenty minutes, and do not forget to clean your hair by using shampoo.

Above is a How to Cope with Hair Loss using natural materials and traditional. Given some of the above tips and how your hair is expected to be treated better so that health and kekuatanya maintained.

Note that using natural ways described above of course in all use will not be seen the results with the maximum, so that if one of the main natural way above is suitable for your scalp and your hair, take a few times of use in order to get maximum results until the loss can be overcome and your hair becomes healthier.
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That article How to Overcome Hair Loss Naturally, I hope the above article can provide benefits to you. For those of you who still have strong hair, remember to always treat your hair to stay healthy and strong. Avoid using shampoo every day, and if you have thin hair, you can make it thicker, to the article you can also find in this HarianSehat.Com site. Take care of your health and greetings always healthy!
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