10 Ways to Take Care With Natural Hair Loss


10 Ways to Take Care With Natural Hair Loss - Hair loss can sometimes be a big problem for someone, especially when kerontokannya is very severe. Actually hair loss is normal because every person must experience it, but it becomes unnatural if the hair loss is experienced too much and often. If the loss is not too much good you do at limiting hair loss and if it occurred, it did attempt natural hair loss treatment that hair loss problems can be resolved.

How to treat hair loss naturally is a safe way for healthy hair because it contains no chemicals but it is also friendly dikantong. Why ways to treat hair loss naturally highly recommended? It is associated with side effects than using chemicals.

Here's 10 Ways to Take Care of Hair Loss At home

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Natural hair loss treatment is even highly recommended by doctors because of the chemicals were widely circulated in the market hard to detect the level of safety when compared with natural hair loss treatment. The materials used for the treatment of hair loss naturally is very easily obtained because it uses existing materials from around us.


1. Green tea

In addition to be green tea also has a great function in the treatment of hair loss naturally. Green tea has properties to reduce hair loss and enhance hair growth of a high content of antioxidants. How to process it became very easy is to brew two bags of green tea with warm water and then rubbed it in all parts of the hair and scalp loss. After that, allow about 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water. That is the natural hair loss treatments utilizing natural ingredients of green tea.

2.Bawang white

Properties owned by the garlic in hair loss treatment is to be made to grind in a blender and rub all parts of each hair before going to bed. After the late morning rinse immediately with water and shampoo. Natural hair loss treatment using garlic is very simple and easy is not it?

3. Onion

No less than his brother garlic, onion is also also competing to help overcome the loss that occurs in the hair. How to take advantage of this onion is easy enough to consume this onion in the form of food so as pickles or can even be eaten alone without any other ingredient mixture enhancing properties is more pronounced.

Indeed, sometimes we we certainly can not tolerate the smell, especially if eaten directly, but do not worry because it can be overcome by smearing the scalp using this onion at night. Once morning came, immediately wash it until the smell disappears.

4. Ginger

How to treat hair loss next is to use natural ingredients ginger. In his role for the treatment of hair loss naturally ginger can also be combined with garlic. Both of these materials simultaneously crushed and then after a really smooth then applied to the hair. After a few moments Wash with clean water and shampoo. Do this repeatedly until you feel the difference.


5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera extract is already very well known properties as a way of treating hair loss naturally and quickly. The content owned aloe vera can help to restore skin cells and rejuvenate the dead and damaged tissue cells back in shape and hair to become healthier.

How to treat hair loss with aloe vera are taking aloe vera and then split it into two parts, retrieved it and then cut into pieces. After the swab into other parts including the head of hair and skin evenly, let sit for 20 minutes and wash it off with clean water.

6. Lime

As well as the usefulness to treat a sore throat turns lime also play an active role in efforts to natural hair loss treatment. The way that is easy enough slices of lemon into pieces and then wipe evenly on the scalp. After about 15 minutes ago Wash thoroughly. In addition to powerful in its role as a way of treating hair loss, lime is also a powerful and effective way to get rid of dandruff quickly.

7. walnut oil

Since long, walnut oil is already known efficacy for growing a beard and mustache. Parents also have to believe it for a long time even until now not a little walnut oil is hunted by many people. Same with the previous way of treating hair loss, hazelnut oil is also applied to the scalp to stay until evenly distributed and cleaned up after a few minutes.


8. Avocados

In the dictionary of natural hair loss treatment, avocado protein content is very good for hair growth. You can wear it as a mask the smoothed beforehand and then used as a mask in Kapala. Ensure uniform from hair root to tip, then let stand for 20 minutes and wash the shampoo activities until completely clean with shampoo and water.

9. Yoghurt

This is another natural ingredient for the treatment of hair loss naturally. How to treat hair loss by utilizing this yogurt is by applying it like wearing a mask at the time of creambath. Let stand a few minutes then rinse with water.

10. Celery

Not only prevents ramput loss, celery and even has a good function for the hair, namely, to refresh and make the hair become more healthy. How to prepare about 10 stalks celery later then puree. After the wet hair and smooth over the hair, including the scalp, massage the scalp softly so that the head became more relaxed with a wealth of content on celery and vitamins are also absorbed into the hair roots. After that, allow a short while ago Wash to rinse.

Some materials that can be used as a way of treating hair loss naturally above, can you make reference and alternatives in a simple way you do. You need to be alert if the hair loss on your head so much, it could be it was some kind of disease or caused by certain things. So, the best way is to consult a doctor so that the diagnosis is clear so you can do the treatment on the right foot. In addition you can also give advice to the people closest to natural ingredients in their efforts to treatment of hair loss naturally as the best efforts for the health of hair.
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