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5 Natural Hair Fertilizers That Can Be Made Alone

5 natural hair fertilizers that can be made alone -  Hair loss becomes a hair problem complained of by women. Severe hair loss that occurs constantly will result in baldness. Excessive hair loss should be well anticipated so that the health and fertility of the hair is maintained. For that, it would be nice if you prevent hair loss early with natural hair fertilizer.

The reason for using hair fertilizer drugs is due to grow new hair after loss. A good hair-fertilizing drug also works to thicken the thinning hair, so that the strength of the hair is well preserved. Hair fertilizer is not only used for women, but men can also wear it for the fertility of hair. The most important thing when you wear hair fertilizer is the ingredients, make sure the hair fertilizer is made from natural ingredients.

Here are 5 hair fertilizers with natural ingredients, including:

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5 Natural Hair Fertilizers That Can Be Made Alone

    Aloe vera

    One of the excellent herbs for hair health is aloe vera. Benefits of aloe vera for hair is to strengthen the roots of hair,  grow hair faster, nourish hair, soften hair and nourish the scalp. How to fertilize hair with aloe vera is cut and split aloe vera, apply to hair evenly, massage your hair for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse hair with water until clean. Do this at least 3 times a week to enrich your hair.



    Spice kitchen this one turned out to have tremendous benefits in fertilizing and growing hair. Comparison of oil in pecan is very nutritious to make hair healthy, strong, fertile, black and not easily fall out. How to fertilize the hair with pecan oil is to prepare 6 pecan seeds, then grow until smooth. Add enough water, burn the hazel to remove the oil. Oil that can be used as a natural hair fertilizer. After that apply to your hair evenly, massage your scalp massage, then rinse your hair using shampoo so that the odor does not stick in your hair.

    Coconut milk

    Who says coconut milk is only used for cooking? It turns out that coconut milk can be processed into the most effective chemical fertilizer. Hair can be more fertile, softer, stronger and shiny because of the properties of this coconut milk. How to fertilize hair with coconut milk is basuhlah coconut milk on the scalp, cover the hair with a warm towel, let stand for approximately 15 minutes. After that rinse hair with water until clean. Do this routinely to naturally nourish your hair.



    Sweet liquid produced from bees has a variety of benefits for health and beauty. Honey plays an important role in the health and fertility of hair, therefore many people who use honey for herbal hair fertilizer drugs. Honey has the ingredients to strengthen the roots of hair, lengthen hair, smooth hair, hair dye and menceag hair so as not to fall out. How to fertilize your hair with honey is to apply honey in your hair, then massage head gently, cover your hair with a towel for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse your hair until clean.


    In addition to candlenut and coconut milk, celery leaves also include spices that can be used as a good hair fertilizer. The content of calcium, iron, sodium, vitamins A and B in celery leaves are able to strengthen and naturally fertilize the hair. How to fertilize the hair with celery leaves is to take 10 pieces of celery leaves that have been washed clean, then mashed until smooth. After that apply on your hair and scalp. Let stand for about an hour, then rinse hair with clean water.

That's the list of natural hair fertilizers that can be made yourself easily. Hair fertilizer from natural ingredients is also quite frugal, because it does not require expensive to make it. Hopefully this article useful for anyone who has read and practice it.

find out the causes and types of dandruff

find out the causes and types of dandruff - A person with impaired dandruff, would experience an itching in the head were outstanding. Disorders of dandruff can be experienced by anyone, do not recognize the social and intellectual status of the sufferer. Both men and women, old and young, vulnerable to attack dandruff. Therefore, keep your scalp to keep them clean and healthy, is an act that should be done by everyone.

In general, fractional tangible dandruff scalp cells arising from incomplete keratinization process. Dandruff size usually amounted to 2-3mm, yellow, scaly and spreads to all parts of the head. Many also call dandruff as dandruff, dandruff, or busik.

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From here there are two types of dandruff may need. First, the Dry Dandruff (Pityriasis Sicca) - Disturbance in the form of dandruff scales are firmly attached to the head. Hair growth through the layer itchy scales. Scratching causes the lining of the splatter.

The second type of dandruff is wet dandruff (Pityriasis Steotoides) - Disturbance in the form of a layer of white scales that stick yellowish strong and absorb the scalp. When peeled, raised itchy red welts. Raking will cause boils yellowish.

Most people assume that because a person dandruff hair rarely wash hair with clean, so easy to stick dirt and settles on the head. A hair becomes dirty and dandruff disorder arises.

Actually there are two main factors that trigger dandruff disorder. Firstly because of the influence Malassez Bacteria, bacteria are clustered in the section dandruff scales, thus causing the skin cell keratinization process is not perfect.

While the cause of the latter is due to irritation Mechanical and Chemical: Sweep and excessive scratching of the scalp, hair oil use improper, including rinsing shampoo less clean, can irritate the scalp and dandruff disorder. The habit of washing hair and tying the hair before drying, also cause dandruff.


For those of you who currently experiencing dandruff, dandruff disorder haste to handle it the right way. Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar, Selenium Sulfide. After that, dry hair with a towel, but do not mengosoknya too hard. Dab dry hair with astringent lotion efficacious kill bacteria. Then comb the hair with a smooth layer.

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In addition, eat food that is full of nutrients and vitamins, so that the nutrient content can flow to all parts of the body including the head, and will make the hair healthy and avoid dandruff. That article to find out the causes and types of dandruff, hopefully this article can provide benefits to you as a hair treatment

5 Quick Ways to grow hair

5 Quick Ways to grow hair - I admit that the title of this article is too bombastic. No one instant in the world. All require process and effort. So also in the case of hair growth. There is no quick and instant way, all need a process. Therefore, at this time we present a few tips for faster hair growth. His name is also a business. What's worth a try. Ya do?

5 Quick Ways to grow hair

Here are some tips to lengthen the hair I mean. Hopefully pleased.


1. Diligently Massaging Scalp

This method is easy to do. You can do it at home without having to go to a salon. Massage your scalp regularly. What does massaging the scalp and accelerate hair growth? Massaging the scalp can help the nutrients more quickly towards the hair follicle. Thus expediting the process of nutrient circulation in the scalp.

2. Cut Hair

Hair cutting can be done if your hair is too long and unhealthy fast, branching example. With unhealthy hair cut would allow healthy hair to grow.

3. Vitamin

Vitamins that contain antioxidants and B vitamins is recommended given to hair every day. The vitamin has the function to maintain healthy hair.


4. Use Conditioner

Why use a conditioner? What shampoo alone is not enough? The short explanation is; shampoo is used to cleanse the hair of dirt and dust, while the conditioner is useful to provide nourishment to the hair. Currently, many shampoo that already contains a conditioner.

5. Get rid of the "Tools Hair Destroyer"

The tools used for hair straightening and hair mengritingkan using heating devices are having an impact are not good for the hair. Over time the hair will be damaged. Avoid the use of the tool if you crave healthy hair.

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Thus was 5 quick ways to grow hair. Hopefully useful yes.

Three Causes Damaged Hair

Three Causes Damaged Hair - Hair is the crown that are valuable to everyone. Damaged hair is often menjadkan pemilknya inferior or insecure. Damaged hair indeed be disastrous for most people.

Handle damaged hair should be in accordance with the type of damage to the hair. There are three main factors or causes of damaged hair, namely:

Three Causes Damaged Hair

1. Mechanics

Mechanical factors cause of hair damage are the most common. Often some people wrong in treating the hair from shampooing, combing hair, to dry hair.

Ketka shampooing hair skin brushing can also result in hair damage. Get to know the character of our hair in order to treat it with a tub.

Use of Hair Dryer continuously can cause hair damage. The tool will suck up the natural oils in the hair. Use of hair dryer should not be too close and when necessary.


2. Environment

Hair damage due to this environment due to the hostile environment of hair. For example our neighborhood high temperature. Hair requires a friendly environment in order to grow well.

3. Chemistry

Chemical hair damage due to factors actually quite rare. But these chemical factors can cause severe hair damage. How to handle should consult a doctor.

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Well, demikan last three factors that cause hair damage. First identify the cause can only be addressed appropriately.

Here's how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing

Here's how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing - Having straight hair is desired many women. Especially for Asian women, because it has a face that is so small that fits with the model of straight hair. To have real hair straight, use smoothing to straighten hair can last a long time without having to be repeated continuously.

But for those who have begelombang hair, smoothing the process must be repeated. Otherwise, new hair growth will seem strange because it is different from the hair that has undergone a process of smoothing. However Smothing conducted continuously also may have an impact on hair damage.

There are two smoothing process, the smoothing process smoothing whole and in part. Smoothing the entire head made from hair root to tip, have been selected for their first time doing alignment with smoothing. While smoothing mostly done by those who have previously been straightening but feel new hair growth looks irregular.

Many have suffered damage as a result of smoothing the hair too often. Such damage is generally making hair dull and dry. Therefore special care is needed for the ram, but which has suffered the damage.

Here is how to take care of hair damaged by smoothing:


Use a comb with rounded edges and toothed

So that hair damage that occurs is not getting worse, use a comb with teeth rare and rounded ends when combing the hair. Comb with rounded edges and smooth gear will rarely touch the scalp, so it does not cause blisters and break the dry hair.

Keep the frequency of shampooing

The frequency of shampooing right could also be a way to treat hair damaged by smoothing. Wash at least twice a week to maintain the cleanliness of the hair and scalp and prevents dandruff. Shampooing regularly will also retain moisture and prevent hair dry and damaged.

Choose the right conditioner and shampoo

Use the right shampoo and conditioner to treat hair damaged by smoothing. You can choose a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair to keep moisture from your hair.


Use of hair vitamins

You have already damaged hair for smoothing irregular process. Provide the necessary nutrients the hair is very important to repair hair damage. How to treat hair damaged by smoothing can be done by providing vitamins when your new hair shampoo. Hair vitamins can repair damaged hair and keep it healthy.

Keeping the hair moisture

It is quite difficult to keep the moisture in the hair that has been damaged by smoothing. But you can use anti-frizz spray or anti-frizz oil on your hair before the activity. You can also use natural ingredients such as olive oil or honey to nourish the hair.

How to treat hair damaged by smoothing as above is quite easy to do. So take care of your hair as possible to repair the damage and prevent damage to happen again.

How to Overcome a result Rebonding Damaged Hair

How to Overcome a result Rebonding Damaged Hair - Rebonding can be an easy way to have beautiful hair, straight and beautiful. But unfortunately the use of chemicals used to straighten hair have unpleasant side effects for the hair. Rebonding is done continuously turns will only damage the hair's natural health. Like an unpleasant sight, hair that looks shiny, straight and very beautiful suddenly changed into dry hair branching, loss and and looked broken.


If it is so, then we just live to regret it. Not uncommon for people who have straightens hair length just want back in. Cause hair damage due to rebonding can not be restored in a short time. How to care for damaged hair rebonding requires a long time. It would also require patience and extra attention that hair is damaged by rebonding can return to normal.

But do not worry, we'll give you tips on caring for damaged hair rebonding. This method is quite easy and simple and can be done at home.


    Avoid using hair dryer

Although the tool is used to dry the hair, but the fact the use of these tools cause side effects. A hair dryer can damage the hair and scalp tissue. Surely this would be bad for the hair, even for normal hair that does not direbonding though. Use of hair dryers emit hot enough temperature, excessive heat will make the hair damaged and brittle. But if you are forced to use, set the temperature as low as possible to make it more secure. If your hair has been damaged by rebonding, it is better to dry in a natural way, for example by airing in the shade.

    Use a wide-toothed comb

Combing the hair with a tooth comb will increase more severe hair damage. Even for normal hair rebonding not even that. Hair will be prone to fractures and broken by the use of tooth comb. So, use a wide-toothed comb for your hair, especially if it gets damaged due to rebonding. Sisrlah hair slowly and the right pattern for meminimalisar occurrence of damaged hair.

    Use aloe vera gel

Benefits of aloe vera for the hair so much. Starting from caring for dry hair, hair damage up to address the problem makes the hair more shiny. Thus, the use of aloe vera can be a way of taking care of hair damaged by rebonding effective. How to use is by taking aloe vera gel. Then use on the hair and scalp. Allow to nutrients found in aloe vera absorbs into the hair and scalp. Then, rinse shampoos until completely clean.


    Cut your hair once in three months

Shaving hair every three months is strongly recommended, especially if the hair is damaged due to rebonding. Hair cut regularly aims to discard ends of damaged hair and split ends.

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Having a beautiful and healthy hair is something that I longed for each person. I hope to take care of hair damaged by rebonding as has been described above can be beneficial.

Simple Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally

Simple Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally - How to treat damaged hair is quite easy. But there are still many people are confused as to overcome the problem of hair damage suffered. In fact, what is needed is patience to care for healthy hair to get back to normal.

Damaged and dry hair is a sign that the condition of the damage is still in the stage of being. But when it comes to branching, means the hair is in a state of severe damage.

The cause of damaged hair

Hair Treatment,
Hair damage can be caused by many things, including the wrong treatment and due to external factors. Berkut few things that can make damaged hair:


    Combing the hair while still wet

It turns combing wet hair can cause damage. So dry before combed. We recommend that you dry your hair should also be in a natural way, for example aerated to avoid damaged hair.

    Use of hair dryer

Using a hair dryer heat temperature will trigger damaged hair. Temperature heat on the hair dryer will erode the natural moisture of the hair making it rapuhdan easily broken.

    Alternating shampoo

The origin of the Problem in choosing and using a shampoo also contributed to hair damage. So adapt shampoo formula needed for our hair. Wrong in choosing shampoo products can lead to hair loss, dull, brittle and dry. This also applies to the use of other hair products. Using hair care products that do not match the condition of the hair will make it damaged.

The above are some of the causes of damaged hair, there are many other causes that may happen to you.

How to treat damaged hair naturally


Coconut oil and egg

Use coconut oil and an egg to care for damaged hair. You do this by mixing the two materials are in a cup, then stir until blended. Apply on the hair evenly and then rinse. This will make the hair clean and free of drought. Mix both ingredients can nourish your hair so make it more healthy.


This fruit has many nutrients that are very good for the body. Turns avocado can also take care of your hair that has been damaged. How to treat damaged hair naturally with avocado can be a solution. Way, take the flesh of an avocado and puree until smooth like paste. Spread evenly on the hair and scalp and diankan approximately 20 minutes. This can be done three times a week for best results.

Avoid salon tools too often

Advised not to go to the salon too often. This is because the use of tools such as curling salon, a hair dryer and chemicals present hair care ingredients actually lead to damaged hair. Perform maintenance at home with natural materials would be more friendly to the hair.

Do not tie the hair during sleep

Hair tied up when sleep will make it easy to fall off. Hair becomes more difficult to breathe and tortured. Remove tie your hair when going to bed.

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Tips on how to treat damaged hair naturally you can try. Care about your hair because hair is a crown of precious !, Thanks for your visit

Damaged hair treatment symptoms and causes

Damaged hair treatment symptoms and causes - Treatment of damaged hair is a bit difficult because it requires special attention. Moreover, a large part of people do not realize the condition of damaged hair, it will aggravate hair damage that occurs if not treated immediately. Generally, people are looking for solutions when the stage of hair damage suffered has been severe. So it would be better overcome if there had been signs of hair damage that occurs.

Symptoms of damaged hair

Symptoms usually characterized dengankondisi damaged hair, dry hair, severe loss, split ends and cracked, sertakeadaan very thin hair. Before proceeding to the discussion of how to treat damaged hair, let us know in advance the causes of hair damage.

Hair Care, Hair Treatment,

The cause of damaged hair

  •  The lack of nutrients such as vitamins and proteins needed for hair
  •   Use of hair care products made from chemicals excess
  • The use of curling irons and hair dryers with hot temperatures
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking
  • The influence of certain drugs


Damaged hair care

Once you know the symptoms and causes of hair damage, the next step is to improve the condition of hair to be healthy as before. Here's how to cope with damaged hair you can do:

Use of hair oil

Although many people who hate greasy hair, but in fact the oil is very necessary for healthy hair. Hair oil will make hair shinier and stronger. Healthy hair has natural oils that can maintain its beauty. However, if your hair is damaged, use hair oil with natural ingredients. You can use olive oil, coconut oil or other natural based hair oil.

Give vitamin E

Vitamin E is needed to maintain healthy hair. There is a special shampoo damaged hair treatments that contain vitamin E. It can also add vitamin E capsules in shampoo. Do not forget to always eat foods with vitamin E are good for maintaining the health condition of the hair. The food that contains vitamin E example eggs, sprouts, papaya, beans, and many more.

hair masks

Hair masks helpful to provide nutrients to damaged hair. You can also create your own hair mask at home with natural ingredients. For example, by using a mixture of avocado and eggs to nourish the hair. Both of these materials have good content for your hair.


Use conditioner

You can use a conditioner after shampooing with a shampoo once a week. Let stand about 15 minutes before rinsing. Then rinse thoroughly and make sure there is no residue left on the hair and scalp. When using a conditioner, make sure there is no exposed scalp as it will menjadikanrambut limp.

Treatment with coconut oil

If your hair is damaged due to the influence of chemicals, natural coconut oil could be a solution. Use 2 to 3 drops of mineral oil and rubbed on damaged hair. Coconut oil will nourish the hair and scalp and repair the damage.

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Quite easy is not damaged hair treatments as described above? You can try to improve the condition of your hair back to normal.

Traditional treatment of oily hair

Traditional treatment of oily hair - greasy hair type can indeed be a problem that is quite disturbing. Usually these conditions will make it easy limp hair and scalp causing itching fast. Because of the excess oil on your hair will also cause dirt and dust easily attached to the hair and make hair look dull, loss and dandruff. The cause of oily hair is generally triggered by the body's production of oil or sebum excess in the oil glands which were under the scalp. Basically sebum is not a hazardous substance as sebum has a function to moisturize the hair and scalp so it is not easy to dry.

But if production is excessive, it will cause problems that make the hair look greasy. In addition because the sebum, oily hair can also be a problem stems from the use of shampoo that does not match the type of hair or scalp.

Traditional treatment of oily hair

Traditional treatment of oily hair
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Greasy hair problem is sometimes quite confusing. With oily scalp conditions, but sometimes normal or even dry hair. Should these conditions, using a special shampoo oily hair care will actually make hair dry. In order to overcome the problem of oily hair, you are advised to use traditional materials for a more minimal side effects. In addition to traditional materials that naturally nourish the hair making the hair more healthy. Any material that can be utilized for the treatment of oily hair is traditionally? Consider the following review.

Egg whites

Part of nutrient-rich egg whites can be a powerful weapon to overcome oily hair. Egg whites are rich in protein. The trick, in order to remove oil on the hair is to prepare the egg white and add a few drops of lemon juice. Stir both ingredients and use on hair that has been wetted. Allow a few moments for the nutritional meresak into the hair. Then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and stench of the missing eggs.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many benefits for hair care. Start of healthy hair, overcome the problem of dandruff, nourish the hair fall out and eliminate excessive oil on the hair. How to use aloe vera to treat oily hair is also quite easy. Peel the skin and aloe vera gel aloe vera download earlier. Use aloe vera gel on the hair until the flat to the scalp. Allow a few moments before rinsing so that the nutrients contained in aloe vera seep into the hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly until not sticky.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is able to make food more delicious, but he was also able to nourish the hair and scalp to eliminate excess oil. Apply coconut milk or fresh original on the hair and scalp using cotton. Allow about 30 minutes then rinse while shampooing. This can be done two to three times a week for menghialngkan oil on the hair.

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Traditional treatments oily hair as above using a material that is fairly easy in the can. In addition to easy to do it, you do not need to cost a fortune. That article Traditional Care Oily Hair, hopefully this article useful for you and thinks you for visiting

Oily hair care

Oily hair care - Having beautiful hair is the desire of every person. Hair that looks shiny and healthy of course could be a reflection of the beautiful hair. While hair looks limp and greasy it would be difficult to organize and make we can not be perfect. To find out more about the greasy hair treatment is complete, continue to refer to reviews beikut!

The characteristics of greasy hair

Oily hair care
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Shiny hair can be a sign of greasy hair. But the luster that looks just looks dull, in contrast to healthy hair. Oily hair is certainly very different from the normal hair or dry hair types. Usually oily hair more shiny and always together and seemed sticky even just shampooing.


The cause of oily hair

The cause of oily hair is usually caused by the activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin of the head. This is generally caused due to genetic factors. The influence of food intake consumed nyang can also trigger the activity of the sebaceous glands such as the intake of fats and carbohydrates. The cause of the rise of oil in the hair can also be caused due to the influence of hormones in the body.

Greasy hair care treatments

How to care for oily hair is the same as treating other hair when washing hair. If the first many say that oily hair should not be washed too often, but this myth has been refuted by experts. Experts suggest that the best hair when washing hair greasy important when the hair is starting to feel dirty. However if you have oily hair, you should wash your hair every day, especially if you live in a densely populated and polluted. In areas such as these tend to get dirty air so that the condition of your hair will also be faster dirty. Wash your hair every day is important.

How to wash oily hair

When washing oily hair should not use water with a temperature that is too hot. The temperature for washing oily hair is best that the temperature is 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. Selection of shampoo for oily hair should not be any origin, better use herbal shampoo specially formulated for oily hair. The use of the shampoo also should be done twice. Allow the shampoo at the head of it for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. It aims to shapo can clean the oil contained in the scalp. Should avoid the use conditioner if your hair type is quite oily. For conditioners will only worsen the condition of the hair that is not sticky after just shampooed.

How to dry your hair oily

In the treatment of oily hair, you should also note when new shampooing hair drying time. Although you have a narrow time, you should still avoid the use of hair dreyer to dry hair. Using a hair dryer can affect the condition of the hair and lead to oil on the scalp. But if you are forced to use, use at a temperature that is not too hot.

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Oily hair care does require more attention. But as long as you are diligent, your hair can look beautiful and healthy. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, and thank you for your visit

Bald Hair grower The Effectual

Bald Hair grower The Effectual - Problem bald Hair is a very scary and very problem that makes a person become less confident and will feel embarrassed for having bald hair and balding hair will make one's appearance will be reduced. Before you treat baldness on the hair but you should know the problems that can cause hair to balding.

Problems that can cause balding hair is, because the problem of hair loss. When you are experiencing hair loss problem that is still fairly mild and you leave it alone then it can make your hair to make the hair loss becomes severe, and this is the beginning of hair bald.

Then daari it when you experience hair loss then immediately treat the hair loss, do not wait for your hair loss becomes severe. Once you know the causes of hair into a bald, now you have to know the causes of hair going bald.

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This is the cause of hair loss you need to know

Bald Hair grower The Effectual
Bald Hair grower The Effectual

    -Causes of Hair Loss Due Genetic Problems
    -Causes of Hair Loss Due to Frequent Use of Chemicals
    -Causes of Hair Loss Due to Wear Veil your hair when wet
   - Causes of Hair Loss After Childbirth or time Pregnant
   - Hair Loss Causes Dandruff stubborn presence
    -Causes of Hair Loss Consuming Drugs - Drugs Excessive
    -Causes of Hair Loss Due To Use Atat Hairdresser be Excessively
   - Causes of Hair Loss Due to presence of Certain Diseases
    -Causes of Hair Loss Excessive Stress Factor
    -Causes of Hair Loss Less Healthy Living

That causes hair to fall

Once you know the problem - a problem that can cause hair to fall out, now you should know how to treat the problem of hair loss that you can do at home and can use materials - natural materials and can also use the natural hair care products.
This is a natural substance that can cause hair to fall

    -The natural ingredients of Aloe Vera
    -The natural ingredients of Apple Steam Cell
    -The natural ingredients of Ashitaba keiskei
    -The natural ingredients of castor oil
    -The natural ingredients of Oil Kemiri

That's the natural ingredients for hair loss and prevent baldness

This is material for hair loss and hair growth

This is material for hair loss and hair growth - hair is a crown, and we already know the Crown can support the person's appearance, especially in women. Having a beautiful hair strong and protected from a variety of problems - problems of hair, it is the desire of every woman. To get beautiful hair and strong many of these women are willing to spend a lot of money and are willing to queue for hours - hours disalon.

While doing your hair care then that you choose should use a product - a product made from natural herbs, why use a natural echo. Because the natural ingredients that will nourish your hair with a good and natural ingredients will make your hair will be strong, beautiful and protected from various hair problems is maximal.


For the treatment of hair loss and also to mnyuburkan hair, you can use natural ingredients. The following natural ingredients that you can use to cope with hair loss and also nourish hair naturally and safely.

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This is Natural Ingredients To Overcome Hair Loss And To Nourish Hair Naturally

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera or that we are familiar with aloe, herbal tanamna this one is very powerful to cope with hair loss and also nourish hair naturally.

Pecan oil

Benefits of walnut oil which can discolor the white hair or gray hair, it turns out the benefits of hazelnut oil can also nourish hair naturally.

Olive oil

olive oil is so useful, because the content on olive oil can nourish the hair follicles, so hair will be protected from loss.

Castor oil

Castor oil or castor oil also has as blind, benefits castor oil can nourish the hair, black hair and gray hair can also grow hair naturally.


Apple Steam Cell

Apple million benefit, which is very effective to nourish hair, strengthens hair roots, soften hair and hair loss. Even the apple benefits of steam cell is able to grow hair faster 10x.

ashitaba keiskei

The content on this keiskei ashitaba very powerful to nourish the hair follicles so that hair will be fertile and strong, of course, the hair will be protected from berbahi hair loss problems.

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That Natural Ingredients To Overcome Hair Loss And also can nourish hair naturally